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Urology is the medical branch which deals with male and female organs which are responsible for reproduction of human being. Since medical issues in these body parts can happen to everybody, urological well being should be significant. Consult our top urologists in Ghansoli, Mumbai. At Frisson multispecialty hospital. 

Urologists have to get engaged with wide range of problems. Also there are some subspecialty parts which are defined.

  1. Male Infertility
  2. Female Urology
  3. Calculi (Stones)
  4. Pediatric Urology
  5.  Urologic Oncology (Urologic Cancers)
  6. Neurourology (nervous system control of genitourinary organs)
  7. Renal (Kidney) transplant.
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Kidney Stone (Calculi)

Kidney stone is one of the most common disorders which can occur at any age. Kidney stone is a result of building dissolved material in the inner lining of kidney. Most common material is calcium oxalate but may contain many other components too. The stones may be of small size which can pass through urinary system without even noticing, but if the size of the stone is bigger then it may cause a severe pain.

Signs of Kidney Stone

  1. Blood in the urine.
  2. Frequently urgent need of urinating
  3. Pain in the back , belly.
  4. Cloudy Urine
  5. Smelly urine
  6. Fever and chills
  7. Nausea

Drink plenty of water regularly to avoid the formation of kidney stones. 

Visit our finest urologists in Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai to get the best treatment for kidney stone and all other urological diseases.

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